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Walsh’s Holiday Park Rules for Owners of Caravans (and their Visitors)

These rules are part of the Caravan Owner’s Annual Site Licence and therefore affect their right to site their caravan on this Park.

Site Licence

All occupiers must comply with the conditions attached to the council site licence, which are on display in the office.


The number of occupiers in each caravan at any one time is restricted to the number for which the caravan was designed.

The Season

The Park is open for overnight occupation from 8am, March 15th to 5pm, November 15th . These dates may be subject to change.
All quiet After 11pm.


Owners are responsible for all the occupants of their caravan.

Visitors must call at the office before entering the Park. The Park is private property and we reserve the right to refuse access.

Day Visitors must leave the Park by 11pm.

It is the responsibility of the owner who rents their caravan out to ensure that it is checked and cleaned before each new client arrives. It is not sufficient to rely on the visitors to leave the caravan as they found it.

Tenants coming to stay in your caravan must produce a keycard at the office on arrival.

We do not allow groups of singles under the age of 25 to stay on Park.

We are entitled to eject from the Park anyone who acts in a manner likely to cause danger, upset or annoyance to other users of the Park or our staff, or who is guilty of a criminal offence.

The use of unlawful drugs on the Park is a criminal offence and will lead to the termination of the Licence Agreement.

Tents and Tourers are not permitted on the Park.


We must have 2 sets of keys per caravan in the office.


The colour of the exterior of the caravan may not be changed without our consent.The jacks and wheels must be maintained in working condition.

The owner is responsible for keeping the area around and beneath their caravan mown and tidy, and for keeping the caravan, its steps, pathways, parking area and metal storage boxes, in a safe and clean condition.

Sheds and steps

These must extend no further than a metre from the side of the caravan, and must be positioned against the same side of the caravan as the doors. They must be made of metal, and storage boxes under the steps or caravan are not permitted by the council.

Gas, electricity

The connection points to each caravan are the property of Walsh’s Holiday Park, and must not be tampered with other than to reset the trip switch on the electricity.

Unauthorised people are not allowed to tamper with the system.

No-one is allowed to use the electricity supply to any plot other than their own.

Failure to comply will break and terminate the Site Licence Agreement.

The water supply should be disconnected at the end of each season. Every caravan must have an annual Gas Safety Check.

Electrical appliances must have an annual PAT test if the caravan is let. An electrical check must be done on the caravan system every 3 years. Please hand copies of all certificates to the Office.

Owners must supply clear instructions for the use of gas and electrical appliances in the caravan.

Drainage system

Do not introduce into the drainage system cloths, nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, engine oil, or anything likely to cause a blockage.


The council does not permit the erection of fences or any means of permanent enclosure around the caravan.

Wind breaks, outdoor seating and pots must be put away before dusk every day.

Washing line

These should be no longer than 10′, and are permitted over the caravan tow bar only. ROTARY DRYERS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

It is illegal to string lines between caravans, or from caravans to any other fixed structure, ie fences.


We do not allow owners or outside contracters to lay slabs. All such work must be carried out by Walsh’s Holiday park staff only.

No holes are to be dug anywhere on the park.



Vehicles are allowed onto the park for access to the caravan only, and should not be driven around the Park. It is illegal for anyone not in possession of a full driving licence to drive anywhere on the park.

We allow 2 vehicles to park beside the caravan steps. (Private end cars park across the tow bar end of the caravan.) Extra vehicles must park on the nearest hard parking area available. Rows F to F1.

Access to the caravan is made from the road along the row only. Cars must not drive past the door of any other caravan to access their caravan.

Parking on access ways is strictly prohibited.

They must be kept clear for emergency vehicles. Bicycles etc Bikes, scooters, skateboards and roller blades cannot be ridden anywhere on the Park for safety reasons.


Please report to the office the number of any caravan whose occupiers are responsible for bad language, vandalism or excessive noise.

Offenders will be asked to leave the Park. Repeated problems will affect the owners’ Site Licence Agreement.


Dog toiletting is not allowed anywhere on the Park. They must be taken off the Park via the main Park road. They must not be left in the caravan alone, let out on their own or allowed to cause a nuisance by barking between 11pm and 8 am.


Please check with the Office before starting a barbecue. Fireworks and firearms are not permitted on Park.


Children must be supervised by their parents or guardian at all times to ensure they are kept safe. Park warning notices must be explained to children.

Children under 14 cannot be left alone in the caravan.


No ball games or toys that might cause damage or injury are to be played with among the caravans. There is a play area at the far end of the Park. Children under 12 using this area must be supervised by an adult.

The fence must not be climbed.

No kite flying.

No dogs are allowed on the play area.


All caravans must have Public Liability and flood cover.


Fridges, cookers and other household items can be dumped free of charge at the town dump at Warth Lane off Lincoln Road. They must not be left by the bins on the park.

No fly tipping is allowed into the dykes bordering the Park.


End of contract

Site Fee refund amounts, and the times throughout the year that they apply, if you decide to leave Walsh’s Holiday Park:

Winter storage
Before 31st Dec – full refund.
After 31st Dec. – nil.

Site fee balance:
Before 31st May – 66%.
1st June to 1st August – 33%
After 1st August – nil.

Electricity and invoices costs will be deducted from the total.

Grass cutting

Owners of vehicles parked on the grass must give the maintenance crew reasonable access in order to cut the grass. This may mean moving the car for 5 minutes if asked.

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